Last week or review: “Vanderpump Rules”

VThis is the last week of review an I’m sad!  But for the last review we are going to talk about a show that is probably the most craziest show I have seen. Vanderpump rules is about a women named Lisa Vanderpump who is an entrepreneur that owns a restaurant and the show focuses on her servers and the lives they live. This show is based in Los Angles so many of the servers plan to be actors or singers. but what is interesting about this show is that many of them are over 30 and they still act like they are teenagers. This show is basically like grown ups in high school, seriously. But what is real interesting is that they are servers, and in todays economy servers make minimum wages plus tips.  But, when you watch this show, many of them go on trips, move ti nicer apartments, or somehow are able to get all these expensive cloths and do all the things. Many of them on this show just have this job, and when I looked up what they make for the show, they dont make a lot a-lot. So sometimes I wonder if they actually do this as their job. Also when you watch they never work. They probably film 7-days a week and when you watch they maybe work twice. Its’ just comes to show that there is some sort of kick back reality stars get so when people watch it looks like they are normal people working jobs, but they aren’t. If you have nothing to do over Christmas break I recommend watching this show because you will get a kick out of this and it hows hows these adults act like they are teenagers. GOOD LUCK ON FINALS EVERYONE!!!!!!


This week: ” Fixer Upper”

fixer upperThis week is a double post!! this week Im going to talk about a show many people are familiar with, Fixer Upper! This show, I think, is one of the most successful tv shows for HGTV because with the housing market being good and steady, many people love redoing houses. This is what this show is about and it gives people ideas on how to set a budget and try to do a lot with it. Chip and Joanna are one of the successful people who refurbish houses. This show is out of Waco, Tx and is so so so good!!! These two where made to redo house because when you see the before and after of the houses they redid, they come out so beautiful. Chip and Jonna know want to do what they do because they are so successful.  They have their own line at target that is so freaking cute, I want all of it. But I cant explain enough the houses they redo come out fabulous. But one thing I’m eerie about is how they budget. I feel they spend way more than what they tell their audience on their tv show. This is because if you look at the houses, you wonder how can they get so much for that little of a budget? Maybe I’m wrong and they actually follow the budget but prices now a days have increased so it makes you wonder. But other than that, I highly recommend people watch this show because they give you cant ideas on how to redo your house if you think of remodeling, and if you dont want to do the big renovation, go to Target and get her thing they have. They are cute, kinda of expensive, but they are really cute things to decorate your house with.

This Week: “Naked and Afraid”

naked and afraidThis week the show I’m going to talk about is one of my favorite shows of all time, Naked and Afraid!! This shows is very interesting and cool because it test people on their survive skills and just see how people can live for 21 days without anything that we have now, they just have their partner and the wild. What’s weird is that the people are naked and meet random people and have to live with them for 21 days in the wild. It’s pretty cool to watch this because it shows how people use nature to survive and they work together.  At the end of their 21 stay they take their survivor skills and rate them from 1 to 10.  Before the enter they take a skills test to see the probability of them staying and if they can stay. At the end of their stay they take a skills survivor test again to see if they improved or didn’t improve their survivor score. This show makes me want to go do this because I would lie to see if I could survive in the wild without anything but nature. I want to see if I could actually live with everything. This show shows how people have the endurance to live without the materialistic things we have now, and it makes you realize that you should be appreciative of what you have. Many of the people who do this are just ordinary people, they aren’t experts in camping, and they just want to see if they have the endurance to do this. Many people dont last the 21 days, but they last longer than I would! I highly recommend this show because its interesting and kind of funny!!

This week: “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”

houseThis week show is the Real Housewives of New jersey. There are many other cities that have a housewives show, but out of all of them this is the most well known and popular. If you don’t know about this franchise, this show is about women who are stay at home mothers, or successful business owners and show hoe they live Most of them are married to rich men, or come from money and its shows a group of women who are friends, and show basically ow they spend their money.  It also shows the drama between them and its kinda funny because it’s over stupid stuff. But this show is mainly popular because one of the housewives and husband were recently incarcerated because they committed tax fraud.One of them has already finish her sentence last year and is out on probation, but her husband is still incarcerated and is going to be deported back to Italy.  After all this happen, the franchise became more popular because this showed that some of them live beyond their means and that not everyone shows a perfect life. It made people realize that they are regular people like us and go through the same problems like normal people who are struggling financially.  But also with this show, I feel some of this stuff is scripted because some of them argue over stupid things that dont make sense. If you want something to watch this is something that is good to watch because it kinda stupid because of what they buy and also its something to watch when you’re bored!!

This week: ” Keeping Up with Kardashians”

pictureThis week show is ” Keeping Up Wit the Kardashians”. Many people now know of this family more because they are one of the biggest reality families on tv. They have made most of their money from their show and also their fame has come from this show. There are 5 daughters, Kim, Khole, Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall, and one some name Rob. This family is crazy but some what fame whores. For me I have my reservations about this show because sometimes I like them and sometimes I dont. If you really think about it, they are only famous because of their father because he tried the OJ Simpson case. But other than that they really dont have special talents besides their well known husbands and boyfriends. With that being said , this show is in my mind how people with money live. They spend a lot of money and go on many trips, and it basically shows them having fun rather than working. Some of them complain about wishing they had a normal life and wish their life was more private, but they are the ones making millions of dollars filming their lives. In some way, I think this show is somewhat scripted because some of the things they do, I’m like they wouldn’t do it in real life. I dont know about this show, it kind of shows off their wealth and they try to act in a way that they are better than everyone, so it’s kind of har for me to like this show. But at the same time, I like reality television, so its hard for me not to watch it.

This week: Hell’s Kitchen

hells kitchenThis week show is  another cooking show called Hell’s kitchen! This show stars Gordan Ramsey who is a celebrity chef, who gives the chance to hopeful’s to win a $125,000 dollar cash prize and a head chef position at his restaurant that he opens. This show is very interesting because their are challenges the chefs are faced with to test their cooking skills and then they are faced with completing  a dinner challenge to test their ability to cook under pressure. This show has a lot of chef Ramsey screaming and saying bad things, but their is good reasoning for it. He is testing these chefs to see if they are u to his standards to run one of his restaurants because Chef Ramsey is putting his name on these people and wants the best of the best, nothing else.  But when watching it, you think if this is script because when you see him yell at the contestants, you think why would people put up with that. But these people know what they are going to face, so i figure hey know what to expect. This show is exciting and fun because you get too watch food and get good ideas,  but you also get to see what chefs go through to get that career they want. A new season just started this month, so I highly recommend ya’ll watch this, also if you want to watch pass seasons, they are on HULU!!!


This week: “Shark Tank”

shark tankThis week show is ” Shark Tank”. This show has become very popular over the last few years because this show gives entrepreneurs a changes to get a deal with a investor to help get their product they made out their. Watching this show in 2011 I was very spectacle about this show because I wondered if these investors actually help these people and go through on what they say.   Comes to find out they do, but this show became very popular because it showed men, women, and children come up with ideas everyday that are money worthy. Over the past week I have been on HULU rewatching old episodes and I look at their profits they have made after they made a deal with a shark, and some of them are millionaries, which is crazy!! I look at some of these ideas people have made millions on, and I say to my self, why didn’t I think of that. One of the most successful things to come out of the shark tank is a product come Ring. This is a doorbell that has a camera so you dont have to come to the door and answer it. When he went on the shark tank he didn’t leave with a deal. So he went on his own and did his own think. He went on shark tank in 2011, flashback to now he sold his company Ring to Amazon for 1 billion dollars.  Now he is a billion and now he is an investor on shark tank. This show shows people that this show can change peoples lives and make them millionaires. This show is something I HIGHLY recommend to watch because it makes you want to event something and it shows you how regular people like us can become successful.